Sunday, September 17, 2017

After the Eclipse at Mosquito Lake in the Wind River Range, Part 2

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Tuesday-Tuesday, August 22-29, 2017; to Mosquito Lake, west of Union Pass, Wind River Range, Wyoming.

“Afternoon at Pinnacle Buttes”
(Brooks Lake, Absaroka Range, Wyoming)
Oil Painting on Pannelli Telati fine Cotton Panel
5” x 7”


Saturday at Mosquito Lake saw the weather back to sunny with puffy cumulus clouds drifting lugubriously along.  Several vehicles wandered into my campsite, during the day, and as quickly left again when they saw it was occupied; it’s the weekend so I suppose there will be a repeat performance tomorrow.

Sunday: no, there really wasn’t a repeat performance … a couple of cyclists pedaled through my camp, and later one motorbike saw my camp was occupied, and I heard two cars out on the road all day, and that was it.  A very hazy but warm day all day, and the Absaroka Range, 50 miles to the northeast, was lost in the haze for most of the day, appearing slightly in the early evening.  The antelope family was out grazing all day.  I wonder if they were about the first couple of days I was here, but I think I would have noticed.  The coyotes were talking in or near the wood at the north end of the lake at dusk tonight, whereas they were down at the south end two nights ago, where the pronghorns are now.

Following shots are taken handheld from 600 yards away … magic camera.

Pronghorn guy …

… sees girl, who’s playing coy …

… as she has a couple young’uns.

Not sure, but think these are Cinnamon Teal.

Evening light after a bit of smoke haze day.

Monday: haze thickened during the day until by late afternoon, Union Peak had disappeared … I believe that it’s smoke coming down from Montana forest fires.   Hopefully the wind will shift during the night.  The Pronghorns were there at breakfast, but must have departed shortly thereafter, since I never spotted them for the rest of the day.  I was sitting on a log in the wood taking photographs of a plant with berries, when the resident squirrel, started a run along a log to my left, along another a few yards in front of me, then along a third to my right, ending up on my log stopping abruptly about three feet in front of me, looked at me as if to say, “shit! What are you doin’ on my highway?” then scampered off behind me.  The chipmunks here seem to be as enamored with the fire circle as the pair up above Aspen at Lincoln Portal, although I’ve not caught them gnawing any rocks … never got a shot of these ones … never stayed still to pose.

My patch of woodland.

Forest floor … I actually found two late strawberries.

Smoke haze from Montana.

Tuesday: heading out today and happy the pronghorn family is still in residence, but down the road two miles is a herd of their peers. 

Last Morning at Mosquito Lake.

Pronghorns … there were about 30 more.

Goin’ off.

Lake of the Woods …
detoured on a desperate road to get here.

Pool on the Great Divide.

Shower approaching across Union Pass
with the Gros Ventre Range to the west.

Warm Spring Creek & Canyon on the way down
from Union Pass … drops of rain began,
but held off really, until I got to Dubois
and the library.

I am beginning to really like  these Pannelli Telati fine cotton panels by Belle Arti, out of Italy; there seems to be a good amount of ‘grab’ of the paint, and not so ‘slidey’ as some panels … I guess I’m finding that to be a preference.  Having been primarily a Watercolourist my whole career, I’m finding the technical side of Oils quite fascinating.

The pigments used were:

Imprimatura: W&N Venetian Red

Drawing: W&N Ultramarine Deep

Painting: W&N Venetian Red, Cobalt & Ultramarine Deep Blues, also a touch of Cerulean, Cadmiums Orange & Yellow Pale.

Rublev Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, Italian Burnt Sienna, Purple Ochre & Lead White #1.

M. Graham: Hansa Yellow.

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