Tuesday, September 19, 2017

A Delightful Find.

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Tuesday, August 29-Saturday, September 2, 2017; to Brooks Lake, Absaroka Range, Wyoming.

“Afternoon Haze”
(Brooks Lake, Absaroka Range, Wyoming)
Oil Sketch on Centurian oil primed Linen Panel
4” x 6”

Tuesday: Much to do today, as I leave Mosquito Lake and head back to Dubois for supplies, a clothes washing session, and to the library to get a blog post published.  The post I did get published was “The Eclipse,” and what with filing photographs, it took me 3-1/2 hours to do, and no time to even check my emails.  Last chance I had to do that was in Rifle, CO, or I might have briefly cleared some in Green River, Wyoming, although I believe that I just checked on free campsites while there.  But this morning on the way to Dubois, it took me 3-1/2 hours to drive the 30.4 miles of forest roads to hit pavement, what with all the photo-recon I accomplished on the way, as well as the partial 4-wheel drive four mile side trip to Lake of the Woods, near Union Pass.  I managed to get everything done, finishing my washing just before 21:00, and headed north on 287.

My 1st stroll along Brooks Lake …
Sublette Peak (left) & Brooks Mountain (right).

The outflow of Brooks Lake Creek.

Brooks Lake Creek with the Pinnacle Buttes beyond.

Brooks Lake Creek.

Denizen … there were quite a few of these in residence ...
some sort of ground squirrel.

Supping on Fireweed …
that’s Rosebay Willowherb to the Brits.
How interesting is serendipity … 24 miles up the road, 5 of which is on a forest road, brought  me to  Brooks  Lake, and the National Forest Pinnacles Campground, my intended way stop on the way to Jackson Hole and the Tetons Range.  It was 22:30 and as I squared away the truck, keeping my bear spray to hand as this is still very much Grizzly country, I could see a mountain ridge above me in the moonlight.  Well, the next morning, and the Sun arose behind that ridge, which turned out to be the Pinnacles Buttes.  A morning walk down by the lake, with a view across to Sublette Peak, and Brooks Lake Cliffs (Buttes?), and I realized I needed to stay around here for a couple of days; and so I have … a couple of days in the campground painting the Pinnacles from my campsite, and a few more above the north end of the lake at a free dispersed site, with a great view over the lake to Sublette Peak and the Brooks Cliffs, and I’ve had a visit from a Grey Jay, in both sites thus far.  Serendipity … I knew nothing of Brooks Lake, before I stopped for the night, on Tuesday the 29th, and what a lovely find it has been!  Just as well, as Jackson Hole and the Tetons National Park will probably be heaving with visitors over this Labor Day weekend.




Brooks Mountain.

Resident Squirrel at my Campsite.

Evening Pinnacles from my Campsite.

The pigments used were:

Imprimatura: Rublev Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre

Drawing: W&N Cobalt Blue

Painting: W&N Venetian Red, Cerulean, Cobalt & Ultramarine Deep Blues, Permanent Rose, Cadmiums Orange & Yellow Pale.

Rublev: Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, Ercolano Red, Purple Ochre & Lead White #1.
Blocxx Ivory Black (in a green mixture).

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