Saturday, August 23, 2014

Once again … onto the Beach

“Elephant Island enshrouded in a Bank of Fog”
(Bandon Beach, Oregon Coast)
Oil Sketch on Centurion Oil Primed Linen Panel
With additional coat of Rublev Lead Primer
5” x 7”

Today was a quieter day and surprise, surprise, the breeze is from the South or a change … and lighter, but funnily enough still a bit chill.  I was tempted by several spots to set up until I found this view.  It appeared that the morning’s high tide had reached about here, but this afternoon’s high tide would be a bit lower, and as I suspected did not reach as far as my set up.  It seems that at this time of the year, when the wind isn’t blowing cold and hard from the North then banks of fog play hide and seek with the coastal stacks and islands, as is here depicted in the distance with Elephant Island.  This Island or rock definitely does live up to its name, as their seems to be a herd of the pachyderms embedded in the rock; I see a frieze that continues around two sides of the island, and for all I know continues on around the seaward side that I haven’t been able to see.  Of course the herd was not to be seen during this painting session.  Although there was wan sunlight at the beginning, it soon was lost in the overcast, much as the offshore stacks and islands. 

Venetian Red was the imprimatura, and Yellow Ochre, Venetian Red, Cobalt Blue and Cremnitz White were the pigments used, all by W & N.

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