Saturday, August 18, 2018

Notifications ... hopefully sorted.

Yesterday I posted a "This is a test only,"  posting, which I hope to delete, perhaps tomorrow.  It appears that all those who have signed for notifications by email, whenever I have made a new posting on my blog, have not been receiving them since the middle of May, when I was just leaving the Zion National Park area ... and thus NINE POSTS HAVE PILED UP!!!

Even though I have signed up to be notified that I have posted on my blog, I didn't notice that I wasn't receiving these notifications, mainly because my Internet time was severely limited out in the wilds of Utah, Nevada and southern Oregon, between Zion & Yamhill County, Oregon.  Thanks to my brother mentioning he hadn't seen a new post for awhile, and the friends down in Bandon by the Sea (Oregon south/central coast), saying the same thing when I was down that way for the Coos Art Museum Maritime Show (more on that next post), I finally had a chance to delve into the problem, during the last three days at the McMinnville Library.  It took quite awhile to work out the 'help' terminology (not always helpful), and then posting the 'test' last evening just as the library was closing.  Today three of my email addresses received the test notification email, and Titles of all the other nine postings that, I guess, were never sent out!  

If all is in order now, then whenever a new post occurs, you should receive a notification email in summary form, where you then click on it to take you to my blog.  It would be helpful if those of you that know me would let me know that you have received a notification for yesterday's 'this is a test' posting, and this post published today.  It appears that I receive my notifications, the day after I have posted them ... I don't know why ... is that when you, my readers, receive them?

So that's all folks, for today.  I will get a new proper post out in the next day or three, and after that it may be awhile until my next post, as I have a couple of commissions to be getting on with, and and whatever I can get ready for a couple of Miniature shows coming up; but the you've got NINE POSTS to be getting on with, haven't you.

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