Sunday, August 19, 2018

Coos Art Museum 25th Annual Maritime Show

It seems that the past few years, when I have been included in this exhibition, I have left late in the evening for the coast and been lucky enough to have found one of my favorite campsites unoccupied; this time was no exception and I pulled into the hidden little spot not far from the highway, about 1:30 AM.  I prefer a late night start to getting up early the next morning to get on the road … those early morning starts never seem to be that early; or perhaps they are, if you consider my late night as an extremely early morning!  I spent the next day and night there, before heading on down to Coos Bay on Friday, 13th of July for the Artists Private View that evening.  It’s always nice to see friends and acquaintances during this weekend, and meeting new people as well.  Here follows my entry to the show, and is available for sale through the Coos Art Museum (See bottom of page for details).

“A Light in the Storm”
(Destruction Island Light, Washington Coast)
Oil on Centurion Oil Primed Linen Panel
12” x 24”

(Close-up Detail)

The Saturday was the actual private view, complete amazing buffet, which is always a highlight being accepted into the show for me.  This was preceded by a ride around the bay on a tugboat for sixteen of the artists, myself included.  The exhibition continues until September 29th of this year, and I highly recommend that you stop to see it if you are down on the South/Central Oregon Coast before then.

I remained down in the area for the next month, catching up on blog posts (which you now should have been notified about … see last post), and doing paperwork, with only a little bit of reconnaissance, but I looked at the sea a lot in spite of the paperwork drudgery.  The only thing about that coast at that time of the year is the continuous chill northerly wind, and this year it was especially vicious, before slackening off somewhat before I left.  However, I preferred the coolness of the coolness of the coast to the sweltering heat of the rest of Oregon, and which I am now suffering, now that I am back in the Willamette Valley. 

And to remind you again, as I stated in my last posting, I have a couple of commissions to be getting on with, and whatever I can get finished for some Miniature Shows coming up in the Autumn, so I may not have much to be posting for awhile.  You do have nine posts, to be getting on with, that you should now have been notified about, and of course, I know you will be dying to read every word and study every photograph in detail … hell, I would!

Until next time …

Coos Art Museum, 235 Anderson Avenue, Coos Bay, OR   541-267-3901

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