Saturday, September 6, 2014


It appears as though my laptop monitor has gone down.  I can actually detect my desktop, but so dim that I cannot see my cursor, nor actually read anything.  I have a warranty still in effect, but I need to get to Fry, s over 350 miles away, so I, ve decided to get in the last few days of painting I had planned, before returning to my base of operations, and have it repaired.  What this means for the blog is a bit of a holiday, unless it magically begins to work again; I had written up the next post while still in camp this morning, and came to Brookings library to post it and there was a black screen!  How very annoying!!

I am writing this on my 8" Samsung tablet, and I could probably work from this, except that I would have no ability to scan the paintings, and I don't have access to my PhotoShop program.  Thus it may be best to get some painting done and begin posting when I get the monitor repaired.  I may experiment with the tablet as a stopgap, but not today ... I'm going to paint!!!

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