Monday, August 7, 2017

Salida & Forays Therefrom

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July 9-August 7, 2017; In Salida.

As I have said, I visited Salida during my time above Golden, and on July 26th I returned to resume my visit with Dan & Lee.  I fully intended to stop along the way and take photos, but the weather was inclement (exciting though!), and I was running late.  I was shown an extremely good time, and although I spent a certain amount of time doing paperwork (does it ever cease?), several forays were undertaken in Salida, and further afield.  The photographs will tell the story.

Frantz Lake on the outskirts of Salida.

A Cormorant on the lake …

… probably a Double-crested.

Another view of Frantz Lake
with the beginnings of the Collegiate Range beyond.

Another lake a short distance from Frantz Lake
and next to the Arkansas River,
with Salida Hill beyond
the cone shaped hill in the center).

This lake … 

… has trout.

Another day …
… a hike …

… was taken  …
… into Browns Canyon …

… to the North …

… of Salida;

… the Arkansas River …

… flows through it;

… and there are …

… wildflowers …

… here too;

… these red ones are some sort of Penstemon.
These two Bambis really wanted to come
and have supper in Dan & Lee’s yard.

“Awww … Please?
 (incidentally, Salida is riddled with deer).

Mt. Princeton, with the “Chalk Cliffs”
displayed at the base;
these are not actual chalk,
but I believe a form of shale.

A storm near Buena Vista, 22 miles north of Salida.

The Castles on forest road 307,
off of US285, east of Buena Vista.

Twin Lakes …

… north of Buena Vista …

… on the way to Leadville.

The next post completes my picture-log of my Salida sojourn.

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