Saturday, March 7, 2015

The End is Nigh!

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Saturday … day 6, and I was up at 06:00, but as I stated at the end of the last Post, I reckon I only managed 6 - 6½ of sleep.  The ground is more saturated than ever, and silt is in many low spots of my road, but the heavy rains of last night doesn’t appear to have destabilized it, but out on the flat where my road materials dwell, it promises to be a heavy day.  All week I’ve been hoping for a two-day hard freeze, as that would have allowed me extract myself without all the road building, but other than the frosty morning I arrived upon, it has remained pretty much above freezing during the night.  And so it continues … 30% chance of rain by 10 AM, but it did not materialize, and the overnight winds are now a breeze.  Another day of great winter Sun light effects, and in the evening, a hot meal (3rd in a row), and a beautiful Moon to send me to sleep … but that is later.

I pause occasionally, and try to visualize the how the course of my 3-point (probably more like 12-point) turn will be.  I go over this again and again, and lay the stones accordingly … one after the other … out and back … out and back … stone, after stone, after stone.  But the end is nigh!  I can see it … perhaps mid-afternoon tomorrow, with inspection and tweaking thereafter, and out first thing, Monday morning.  Even though I might be in a position to attempt the move by late afternoon tomorrow, I can’t risk it then, in case of unforeseen problems arising, or downright failure … I need to have enough daylight hours, if such occurs, to be able to rectify the situation.  But that is tomorrow; today is stone, after stone, after stone … prized from the mud, gathered in little lithic flocks, and then herded to the sharp end of the spear, and emplaced with growing aplomb … stone, after stone, after stone.

The road is almost finished here and off picture to the right the turning space is being laid.  It extends 50 feet, or so, from in the front of the truck to this point.  The bulge onto the left-hand bank should allow me to do my “12-point” turn, when the time comes.

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