Sunday, August 6, 2017

On Dinosaur Ridge

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“Tracks on Dinosaur Ridge”
Oil on Pannelli Telati fine cotton Panel

9" x 12"

July 4-26, 2017; at Martin’s abode & Dinosaur Ridge.

On 4th July Martin & I worked on the parts a Jungle Jim, for when his grandchildren visit, that needed two people to accomplish.  What is left, Martin will be able to do single-handed and take his time about deciding how he wants to adapt the rest of the construction.  They should enjoy it in the future.  Then on the 6th, Martin was off to England for over a couple of weeks, and I was left in charge of the house.  During my stay, I shot down to Salida, to visit old friends Dan & Lee, and again after Martin returned from the UK, and I will attend to my sojourn there in the next posting.  On the way to Salida I popped in at Dinosaur Ridge, and upon my return to Martin’s a few days later, worked on the painting shown above.  The following photos are of my Golden sojourn; the views, although not all taken on the same day, are a pretty good sequence of weather during most days I was in residence.

The view from Martin’s deck;
the mornings were generally good weather …

… then the clouds would begin to build
off to the south and west ...

… threats of rain would build,
which sometimes came and sometimes not,
but whether it did or not, there was always thunder
… and a lot of it …

… and, there were rainbows …

… as the storms passed on into the east
over Greater Denver …

… and by evening the clearing was well underway …

… and led to fine sunsets day after day.

On Dinosaur Ridge

I began up the old road and stopped at each spot on the open hillside; the sequence was as follows:

Claw-marks of the lurking Crocs …
 … with a more distant shot.

Ripple marks at Crocodile Creek.

General view of the plant impressions …

… and a closer view.

General view of the Slimy Beach …

… and a closer view.

And …

… now …

… for the …

… Dinosaur Tracks!

A general view of Dinosaur tracks & trails.

Herbivore ...

... and Carnivore.

These were just beyond the Dinosaur Tracks & Trails.

There is much more to see here at Dinosaur Ridge, but I called a halt here, as I had miles to go, and it was getting late.

Incidentally, my friend Martin Lockley, BSc, PhD, is one of the foremost Dinosaur Tracks experts in the World, if not the known Universe (steady on, boy)!   Check out the availability of his publications on Amazon.  Many thanks Martin, for your generous hospitality!

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