Sunday, June 14, 2015

Christmas Day Snow Showers in the High Desert

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"Christmas Day Snow on the Rabbit Hills"
(Warner Valley, Oregon High Desert)
Oil Sketch on Centurian Oil Primed Linen Panel
4" x 6"

(Take further Note: the images and incidents herein occurred in December 2014.)

An hour after I fell asleep last night I awoke and found the stars had clouded over; so it remained the rest of the night, but I arose to a thick dusting of snow that had fallen sometime during the night when I wasn’t looking.  Coyotes had come by after the snow had fallen to inspect my campsite; they probably do it every night.  The morning was stupendous, with sun breaking through wonderful cloud formations all across the landscape, and with occasional snow showers passing by, sometimes on me; such an interesting day of cloud watching.  I painted the same view as yesterday, but with the new snowfall.    

Having been here a few days now, I keep wondering what it would be like to see those dry lake beds down on the valley floor, filled with water and tons of wildfowl.  Will I ever see it or has global warming tipped the scales as far as the Warner Valley is concerned.  Mankind has much to answer for.

Coyotes yipping to the West while I prepared my Christmas dinner, on my one burner stove, of smoked Salmon, mushrooms, carrots corn, onions, peppers, olives broccoli, and cous-cous in a pesto sauce, with corn tortillas, since Lakeview had no pita at the Safeway.  It takes about 20 minutes to get all the ingredients ready and only 7 or 8 minutes to cook.  Most of my camp meals are similar in timing.  Could have used a drop of wine to wash it down with, but didn’t even think about it when I was preparing for this sojourn in the wilds.  Got a better look at Venus tonight while nursing my after dinner hot chocolate, and Mercury is over there somewhere, not far away, but I haven’t spotted it yet (I did a few days later), and I watched the Moon again until it set at 21:03.  I hadn’t expected to see any traffic on the road today, but three cars and a pickup truck passed earlier in the day, and as I prepared my dinner, an camper pickup  steamed into the campground and set up for the night a few sites away … and so to bed after a beautiful day of interesting weather.

Imprimatura: Venetian Red.

The Pigments used were:  Rublev Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, Italian Burnt Sienna, with Winsor & Newton Cobalt & Cerulean Blues, Venetian Red, and Cremnitz White.

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