Sunday, October 11, 2015

On the Beach below Heceta Head Light

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"Receding Tide at the Devil’s Elbow"
(Oregon Coast)
Oil on Centurian Oil Primed Linen Panel
with additional Coat of Rublev Lead Ground
4" x 6"

Getting back to my time at Heceta Head Light, I painted the above Oil Sketch from the south end of the beach at the Devil’s Elbow State Park, and looking towards Heceta Head Lighthouse which lurks behind the most seaward screen of trees.  I’m always intrigued that one parks the car and potters about on the beach at the Devil’s Elbow State Park, but the reason one is really there is for the views of, and the walk up to the lighthouse itself; it makes it confusing when deciding on how to entitle any sketch or painting done hereabouts, for the natural choice is the name of the lighthouse itself, somewhere in the title … as that is mostly why you’re here, or are drawn to the paining … but without then making the title too long.  I, of course, many times do not let a short title stand in the way, when a longer title is available … thank, the great JMW Turner for those proclivities of mine.  But I digress.  T’was a breezy day, but I managed with not too much difficulty to finish the work, save for the gulls which I stuck in later.  I have not managed to get this far out at low tide here before, as usually the state of the tide has not allowed it in the many times I have stopped here in the past.  Had I not been busy working on this I could have got much further out before the tide began to flow back in; that would have been for photos only, as I keep a healthy eye on the states of the tides, when working next the sea … my 23 years in Cornwall, England taught me thus.

Note:  This work will be for sale via this blog for a few days only, as I will be framing it and taking it off to one of my Galleries the week after next.

Imprimatura: Venetian Red.

Drawing: French Ultramarine.

The Pigments used were:  Rublev Blue Ridge Yellow Ochre, Italian Burnt Sienna, with Winsor & Newton Cerulean, Cobalt & French Ultramarine Blues, Venetian Red, and Cremnitz & Titanium Whites.

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