Most of the works presented on this Blog are for sale and are of the “Painting a Day” category, i.e. generally looser work done in the field, or perhaps a bit tighter if still-life.  There will also be other more finished work of similar size, as well as occasional larger Oils; there may also be the odd Watercolour or Drawing at times.  The pricing philosophy of the Oils for sale or the starting price at auction is generally by size, since they are mainly on-site works.  But there is a distinction between studies & sketches and more time consuming paintings.  With the former, Size is the main criterion for pricing, and are signed with a Monogram of my initials “STJ.”  With the paintings, signed “S.T.Johanneson,” (and some studies), being more lengthy to complete, time is more of a consideration when it comes to the price. This latter has always been the method I have used when pricing my detailed Watercolours throughout the years.  It should become apparent when perusing the various postings.

Signing with Vermilion

         Incidentally, since the late 1980s I have signed all my work in a Vermilion Red colour, and it has become kind of a personal trademark of mine.  Of course I am not the first nor the only painter to do this, but perhaps the reasons that I do so are my own (who knows).  I appreciate Late Medieval & Early Renaissance Art and in those times, Vermilion was a pigment that had an inherent value in its own right, much as did Gold Leaf and the pigment Genuine Ultramarine, made from the semi-precious stone Lapis Lazuli.  Also the Woodcut Block Prints of Japan, which I really like, were signed in Vermilion pigment with a special stamp as well.  As a tribute to these periods in Art History I thus sign my work.